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Look how #cute Mei Mei is. When she #hears the #word “deer” she thinks that she is a hunter n starts to get all #exciter. Tonight she was trying to #chase the #deer but she didn’t go in the woods, thank god. She’s so fast when she runs. She is my #best #friend n she is there when I need her. I love her to death. I’m goin to #miss her when I go back to school in a month ❤️


I want to die. I jst cut n I was waiting for one of my friends to call me tell me to stop but no one did. Not even my boyfriend. Idk who r my true friends anymore. I don’t cut for attention, I cut bcuz I’m depressed n my parents don’t want me to go n see if I’m really depressed. Wats the point? My friends comment n tell me to stop, tht won’t help the situation. Words r jst words on a computer or on paper, they won’t help. If u say words in person or on the phone, tht could of helped u. I would of stopped. Im done, I jst want to die

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